Innovation, Ideas, Results

An advertising agency that looks at your needs

Solar Storm is a through the line advertising agency that specializes in the digital and activation arenas.  We believe that advertising, marketing and communication should be an extension of your business that touches your client on both a physical and emotional level. From online and mobile solutions for you brand to traditional above and below the line communication we provide a complete 360 degree solution.  Experimental and activation thinking allows us to put your brand in front of your target market at the right time when their head is in the right space to notice and interact with you brand.  So if you are looking for innovation, ideas and results from you marketing and advertising let us help you achieve your objectives.

Over the last three decades, technology has transformed the way we work and communicate and today we access information and people from around the world in an instant. Groundbreaking technologies have opened the door to innovations in every field of human endeavour, delivering new opportunity, convenience, and value to our lives.  Let the Solar Storm advertising agency team help you today to achieve your business deliverables through innovative digital thinking and communications.

  • Innovative digital research;
  • Sustainable digital strategies;
  • Effective digital communications and,
  • Revenue focused idea driven solutions

Energy Unleashed

At Solar Storm we have energy in abundance, the ability to work at speed and we deliver on tight time constraints.  We are fluid, dynamic and innovative and produce solutions that are driven by business requirements but are influenced by consumer needs.

115901Solar flares are a fierce explosion in a stars atmosphere, which release enormous amounts of energy.  These mass ejections of energy traveling at speeds close to light are fluid and dynamic in the path in which they travel.  Solar flares have an effect on all of the layers of the star and have the power to heat plasma to tens of millions of degrees and accelerate protons,neutrons and electrons to almost the exact speed of light.  A solar storm is the effect of the solar flare striking the earth’s protective magnetosphere. The image on the right shows the sun with multiple solar flares erupting from its surface.

7ed07e4f84e4d759ffff81f77f000101When this happens the effect is sometimes breathtakingly beautiful in the form of Auroras that often light up the night sky. So if you are looking for something that’s unique, awe-inspiring and different, Solar Storms team will fire their strategic and creative engine and unleash their energy onto your needs. The effect; that’s simple, thinking, ideas and platforms you can use.  Ones that speak to your customers in their language and on their terms.

Digital advertising and marketing

Digital advertising extends far beyond having a banner of your product on a site.  It’s about getting your advertisement in front of your target market at the right time and at the right cost.  It’s about the result of getting a potential or existing customer to look at your brand take notice and act positively to buy use or enquire.  It’s about the result and finding your target markets needs and hot buttons in a busy online and mobile space where competitors are a click away.  We listen, understand, create and act to produce effective sustainable digital solutions to you advertising and communication needs.

Experimental activation and advertising and marketing

Experimental advertising and marketing is getting your target market to experience you brand and product or service in a state where they can interact with the brand and create an opinion about it.  Brand activation is about bringing the brands spirit to life and it increases your brands salience.  Brand activation looks deeper into the possibilities of a brand and looks at four areas; products and services, employees, identity and communication.

Advertising marketing and communication solutions

As a South African advertising agency Solar Storm provides insight based research, strategy, and simple yet effective communication solutions.