Our Methodology

We follow a detailed yet easily manageable digital methodology. Below are the major steps we follow starting at the identification of the target market through to first purchase to advocacy through word of mouth using traditional and digital mediums.

  • What – What is your brand, product or service
  • Who – Who are the target markets
  • Needs – What are the target markets current and future needs
  • Insights – What are the target market insights
  • Competitors – What are they currently doing and what are they planning to do
  • Why – The advertsing strategy
  • Brand Proposition – The brand promise, personality and tone
  • How – The positoning and single minded message
  • Action – The action we want the consumer to take

Or more simply:

  • Identify the target market
  • Attract the consumers
  • Engage the consumers
  • Have them trial the product
  • Have them repurchase or reuse the product
  • Make them advocates of the product

If you want a copy of our detailed methodology and all the steps we follow and what we can do for your products or services then please email us or contact us telephonically via the details below.

Francois Vorster :

Email francoisv@solarstorm.co.za

Tel: 011 467 1143

Cell: 082 978 0837